Untouchable - Stal van HoofThe broodmares of Stal van Hoof are kept at the elderly home of Yvonne Copal in Haaren, where there is also plenty of space to raise young mares for owners. The stables are spacious, there is plenty of daylight and there is a good stable climate. The stallion raising is outsourced to the Roosahoeve (Geurt and Linda Roza) in Vuren.

Each year, 10 to 15 foals are born from interesting bloodlines, who are for sale from their 3rd year. This also applies to the purchased foals. Performance in the dam line is highly valued. Several breeding mares have been successful in the sport.

Fokmerries van Stal van Hoof:

Phentagera B (Quidam de Revel x Zeus), Grand Prix showjumping with Will Schellekens

Filandria (Indoctro x Quidam de Revel), bred out of Phentagera B above Phentagera B

Promesse (Heartbreaker x Carthago), dam of KWPN approved stallion and Grand Prix showjumper Untouchable (by Hors la Loi II, breeder Stal van Hoof)

Quinesse Z (Quinar x Heartbreaker), half sister of Untouchable

Zaragoza (Clinton x Heartbreaker)

Cassou Du Rona Z (Centauer x Nimmerdor), bred out of 1.40m showjumper Zarona and half sister of the 1.50m showjumper Garona (by Renville). Same family as Intertoy Z

Cadiz du Rona Z (Carthago x Voltaire), half sister of Cassou du Rona above

Vera (Numero Uno x Epilot)

Carenzalottie (Concorde x Carthago) from the Zottie dam line

Clarissa (Landor S x Cor de la Bryere), alf sister 1.60m showjumper Lacoretto (by Landfriese I)


Harley VDL
Super Trooper de Ness
El Primero
Blue Hors Zack
Don Diablo
El Salvador

Fandango - Stal van Hoof Barichello - Stal van Hoof Don Sandrino - Stal van Hoof


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